BOOK REVIEW: The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck

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I recently listened to Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast featuring author, Martha Beck. Oprah interviewed Martha, who was to promoting her newly released book, The Way of Integrity. (Click here for the Spotify podcast) The podcast made me laugh, cry, scream, but mostly, nodding in agreement at so many of the things Martha talks about: truth. Or more specifically, speaking your truth.

I somehow escaped my teenage years, holding my tongue, my opinion, and my truth – quietly. I was often asked to comply, obey, fit in, as our society, cultures, and relationships often do. In Martha Beck’s book, The Way of Integrity, she explains how unproductive and harmful it can be for us, when we hold back our truths, lie (mostly to ourselves) or when we live latent lives that are against our very own desires and nature.

Throughout Martha’s Book, she clearly defines some basic terminology that can often get confused or misused or the meaning has changed over the course of time. A few of the most important words she defines for the reader:

integrity: whole or intact.

culture: any set of social standards that shapes the way people think and act.

nature: innate or essential qualities or character of a person or animal.

Then, throughout the book, Martha teaches us how to be in integrity with ourselves, when culture harms us, and how to return to our true nature: this is The Way of Integrity: Finding the Path to Your True Self.

Ever since I realized I was on a Spiritual Journey I have devoured books that have helped me, along the way. Martha Beck’s book is on my short list of Spiritual books that are a MUST READ.

Throughout the book, Martha tackles “the truth” through the lens of a social scientist. From there, we walk through her landscape (book) and while reflecting on our own memories to uncover the truth of her life/our lives, ourselves, and our world. Martha gives is a road map, a way to reclaim our integrity, where to begin the journey, back to the self, as well as tips and tricks on how to stay on the path. The way is simple, but not easy. Martha’s roadmap gives us comfort that we are not alone.

NOTE: I purchased the audible version of this book, as well as the kindle version. Martha narrates her book. I have always found it to be a special treat when the author narrates the book. It adds another dimension to an already deep and intriguing read. Her voice, now resonates, in my head as I explore the deepest reaches of my mind and my history with her roadmap.

If you are on the Spiritual path, this is a much-needed companion.

With a whole heart,