Activating the Spirit: Foodie Tour Night

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One of my love languages is FOOD. Technically, “food” is not a love language under Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages.” But, it could easily fall into the category of “quality time,” or “acts of service” or “receiving gifts.” In any case, it is a way I express and give love – through food!

One of the ways I have been activating my Spirit, giving & express love, to myself and my friends has been through what I have now named: the Foodie Tour Night! I used to invite a bunch of friends out: sometimes it was because we’d need a girls night out or gather because my sister is in town or for no apparent reason except to eat and spend quality time together. Over time, some of us wanted to be adventurous and try new things. Other times, someone would suggest a good restaurant. “Foodie Tour Night” eventually evolved. Now, Foodie Night has a general agenda & structure. It’s super fun, easy to organize, and a great way to sample new foods and restaurants, while spending time with new and old friends. Here’s the recipe for organizing your own foodie night tour:

1.) Start by picking your favorite restaurant or food. If you pick the restaurant or the food theme, YOU are the designated foodie tour guide.

2.) invite a bunch of your friends. Let them know you’re putting together a “foodie tour” group, and that they are welcome to invite additional friends or bring a +1, that may enjoy this kind of thing.

3.) I usually ask people if they want to be on the “foodie tour list,” for future events. And let them know if they want to be a future tour guide and pick the restaurant & food.

4.) I aim to get anywhere from 4-10 people to sign up. 4 is small and intimate, and 10 is huge and fun. We’ve had as many as 14 people sign up (because I can’t say NO when people want to join), but the that can get too big and overwhelming – you won’t be able to talk with everyone. Most restaurants can accommodate 10 people,  but much more than that, and it can be a process. Calling ahead for reservations is always recommended. The “tour guide” makes recommendations on ordering the food, as well as gives some history or context to why they love the restaurant they chose. With my “food tour group,” we have the tour guide order enough for the entire group, and we eat, family style. Since we do family style, we always just split the bill evenly. You decide what’s best for your group!

5.) Sit back, enjoy your meal! Laugh! Share! Takes pictures! At the end of the night, I either announce the date of the next “Foodie Tour Night” OR, I ask for volunteers for the next tour.

This has really activated my Spirit, the place where joy resides in my heart. Being from a large family, seeing a table full of food and happy faces, really fills me up.

Try organizing your own “Foodie Tour Night.” Let me know how it goes and share pics!

With a full heart,