How Can I Tell If Microdosing Psilocybin Magic Mushrooms Is Working For Me?

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If microdosing psilocybin magic mushrooms is about taking sub-perceptual doses of psychedelic mushrooms, how do I know if it’s working for me?

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing involves taking very small, sub-perceptual doses of a psychedelic substance such as psilocybin, the active compound in psychedelic mushrooms. Unlike full doses, which can induce profound alterations in perception and consciousness, microdoses are typically a fraction of a standard recreational dose. Users aim to experience subtle effects that are often described as enhancing mood, creativity, focus, and overall well-being without causing hallucinations or impairments.

Microdosing is about making 1 degree adjustments to correct your course over a longer period of time.

Sub-perceptual means you won’t feel the psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms. Microdosing is about correcting your course, like a ship, 1 degree at a time. Your goal is a far-away goal, let’s say for example, sailing from the Florida Keys to Lisbon, Portugal, while finding out you’re WAY off course. Each day, you correct your course by 1 degree, until you’re headed in the right direction. If you want immediate change, like a 90 degree turn or completely changing directions (180 degree turn) in a short amount of time, consider a macro dose.

Hindsight is Your Best Friend

Depending on the intention or why you’re microdosing, you’ll want to pay attention to different things. I highly recommend keeping a journal, document when you take it, how you feel before you take it, and then how you feel at the end of the day. Re-read your journal over the course of time, see what’s there, what’s not there, what’s your normal and what has changed. Pay attention like this:

  1. For enhanced focus or ADHD sufferers: if by the end a day, you’ve finished 4 projects without interruption or didn’t get too distracted, or don’t feel drained from focusing and that’s not normal for you, then microdosing is doing it’s job.
  2. For anxiety sufferers: If by the end of the day, you realize that you still have a LONG list of things you didn’t complete (or anything that typically gives you anxiety), yet, you fell asleep without going down the rabbit hole of “what-if’s,” then microdosing is doing it’s job. Or, if
  3. For creativity boosts: If you’re normally a creative person and get great ideas most days already, but one day you realize you don’t hear the voice of criticism when you get a new idea – microdosing is doing it’s job. You have equally as many ideas – the direction of those ideas is going into a different, more creative direction.
  4. For social anxiety: If you normally avoid social situations because you get social anxiety and one day you find yourself accepting an invitation to join your co-workers at Happy Hour, without hesitating, (and maybe a little excitement too!) than microdosing is doing its job.
  5. For meditation: If meditation has always been hard for you, but then one day, 1 minute your squirrel mind is doing its normal squirrel thing, and the next minute, it’s 20 minutes later and you’re wishing for a few more minutes of bliss, microdosing is doing its thing.
  6. For those microdosing for spiritual development: if you find yourself thinking about, researching or paying attention to breathing, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, kundalini, spirituality, tarot, talking about the interconnectivity or synchronicities or other topics that you normally wouldn’t be caught dead thinking about or doing, then microdosing is doing its thing.
  7. For depression or grief sufferers: You know doing normal every day activities like getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, going to work – these take all of your energy & drain you. If you’re microdosing for depression or grief, expect it to take longer, but give it a chance. If one day you feel like the fog has lifted, things aren’t quite sunny, but they’re no longer grey, or that you got to work without crying or feeling drained, KNOW this is a success that should be celebrated – microdosing is working it’s magic.
  8. If you find yourself doing any of the following things (and if it’s not your norm), then microdosing is doing its thing: humming, singing, dancing, smiling, laughing, skipping, looking forward, calling friends just to talk, shrugging things off, planning, saying YES, being spontaneous – you get the point. Look in your journal for the absence of problems and the presence of something new that wasn’t your norm before. If you find those things, microdosing is doing its job.

Think of magic mushrooms as a tool to help you become more pliable, and you are the clay- you can use it to help soften the rigid clay structure of your mind, then re-shape yourself, your thoughts, your habits. No 2 clay pieces will be the same. What your experience looks like will be totally different than someone else’s experience, because your intentions are different, and the way you mold & shape your newly pliable clay, will be different.

Because microdosing is SUB-PERCEPTUAL, and where you won’t feel different immediately, you have to use your powers of reflection and hindsight, to look for differences in your behaviors, energy, habits, etc. Remember: most trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, fears, are cycles that are on repeat. You will want to look for a crack in that cycle. For creativity boosts, spiritual work, any kind of intentions having to do with self-development or growth – look for new habits that support your intention.

Don’t compare, instead, SHARE & be open!

It’s easy to get into the comparison game, read articles that tell you someone cured their depression, or listen to your sister tell you her creativity is now on fire, or hear about silicon valley nerds microdosing to come up with billion dollar ideas, and come to the conclusion that microdosing isn’t working for you. Remember the analogy of sailing from the Florida keys to Lisbon, Portugal. Correcting course 1 degree at a time. Remember that you are different than everyone else. Remember that hindsight is where you’ll see your progress. SHARE your story, celebrate your victories, and most importantly, be open to the possibilities.

With mush love,


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