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Pax Connex Spiritual Retreats

Connecting you to Spirit

Pax is the latin root for “peace,” while “connex,” embodies connections. The most important connection we can have is the one we have with ourselves. The true self, is known as Spirit. Without a deep connection with Spirit, there is no way to evolve beyond the surface. If you’ve ever felt stuck, on a never-ending loop, alone or asked – “Is this it?”, we want you to know, there is more. Self-exploration is the final frontier. You don’t have to go any further than within. It is with this intention that we have built our retreats.

Peace Connects…..

Specially designed retreats, workshops, classes and events that help you reconnect with your Spirit. Our home base is set on 5 acres. Cradled by Mother Nature. The Santa Cruz mountains, the redwood forest, fresh air and California sun, all work together to create an environment that will insulate you from the chaos of today’s hectic lifestyles. You can choose between the different ways to spark and reconnect with Spirit. We provide the container and the support you need to facilitate the experience your Spirit has been longing for.

The Wisdom of the forest whispers….

California redwoods are known as the tallest trees on Earth. Redwood trees symbolize vitality and longevity, as they can grow to over 1,000 years old, withstanding, flood, fire, drought, and almost any natural disaster that plagues our forests today. These majestic giants will shield you from the noise of the city while the fresh air they produce  will breathe new life directly into your lungs as the sprites that reside here melt away the stressors of life. You will be on another level of tranquility and peace, with which to begin, again, your Spirit’s journey.

To your spirit – take the first step…

Our retreats begin in nature immersion, the cornerstone of our Spirit journey philosophy. Off the beaten path not far from the city, Mother Nature and our retreat center insulate you from all the noise and busy-ness that plagues our lives today. Next, we include nature-centric activities, like guided hikes with our resident naturalist and Kambo practitioner, mushroom foraging, and day trips. Depending on the retreat you choose, additional activities may include adventure excursions like skydiving, zip lining in the Redwood tree tops, mountain biking in the nearby amazing nature trails or classes in creativity (like pottery, making clay creatures, painting, drawing, sketching, printing, writing) or somatic movement (like yoga, dance and tai-chi). All retreats include some sort of musical integration (no musical background needed!). To jumpstart or leapfrog your Spirit journey, we will teach you about the different ways to connect or spark your Spirit. We create the container, provide the experiences to spark your Spirit, then you choose how to leap, from there. We believe in a well-rounded, many-pronged approach in sparking and connecting to Spirit. We greatly encourage journaling, sharing and community. We will introduce you to new ways to establish these practices in our daily life. Join us to begin, or continue your Spirit’s journey.

Not ready for a full retreat? Come experience our transformational center by attending a specially designed event, class or workshop! We collaborate with amazing wellness partners that bring their passion and knowledge.

With open arms, we welcome you…

Come join us soon!

Isn’t it time to make yourself a priority?

welcome to our amazing

retreat center

in the redwood forest

nestled in the majestic redwood forest

in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California

off the beaten path, yet a short drive to the cities of Santa Cruz, San Jose, and San Francisco

built for tranquility

escape from the noise of the city and chaos of every day life in our retreat center

meet your

host & wellness partners

We all have different paths that lead us here. Our host and wellness partners have traveled the world over, learning, growing and collecting moments, experiences and knowledge. Your path has led you here. Together we build community and provide a container with which you can begin, jumpstart, continue or leapfrog your Spirit journey.

Daisy Nguyễn

I’ve been on a Spiritual Journey of self-discovery my entire life, but never knew it. When I turned 40, things started to change – I began to become more aware of my Spirit. READ MORE

Tom Machado

As a young boy growing up on the beach there was always plenty of time to run on the sand, to swim in the ocean, and to sit on the shore and watch the sets of waves. Time stood still. READ MORE

Chris Fitz

I began my co-counseling work with the Breakthrough Men’s Community in 2013. There I became a Leadership Team Member, a Workshop Presenter and the Executive Director … READ MORE

Edward's story

The first thirty-six years of my life, I spent feeling incredibly shy, socially awkward and totally disconnected from myself and others, despite having a long and prosperous career… READ MORE

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