Conversations With Spirit: I have the best job EVER

Sometimes when I meditate, I can have conversations with my Spirit. I have this voice inside my head, that's me, but so much better. There is a me, inside of me, that is so uncomplicated, it's almost maddening. She's wiser, has buckets of courage, funnier, laughs like a child that sees your boogers but won't tell you, patient, direct, mysterious - all this and yet, humble.

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The “Flow” State

In the past few years, I have learned how to surf, snowboard, and float on a OneWheel. With all three of these sports, people often say things like, "catch a wave," or "shredding the mountain," or "keep the stoke," which are various ways of saying something we all say, get in "the flow state," or in "the zone." What is this "flow state" or "zone?" Isn't this just colloquial ways of saying "connecting with Spirit?" How do we get there? What prevents us from getting there?

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BOOK REVIEW: The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck

I recently listened to Oprah's Super Soul Sunday podcast featuring author, Martha Beck. Oprah interviewed Martha, who was to promoting her newly released book, The Way of Integrity. (Click here for the Spotify podcast) The podcast made me laugh, cry, scream, but mostly, nodding in agreement at so many of the things Martha talks about: truth. Or more specifically, speaking your truth.

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