Chris Fitz


facilitator, counselor & life coach

My Background and Training:

I began my co-counseling work with the Breakthrough Men’s Community in 2013. There I became a Leadership Team Member, a Workshop Presenter and the Executive Director of the nonprofit (2015 – 2021). At Breakthrough I gained thorough experience with Gestalt therapy and Re-evaluation Counseling. I have participated in Somatic Healing workshops with the Hakomi Institute and the Human Awareness Institute. I am an avid student of Internal Family Systems, have taken workshops in IFS led by Richard Schwartz and currently work weekly with an IFS certified therapist.

What I believe:

I believe we are all made up of multiple parts. The “parts of us” are analogous to the different voices we hear inside of ourselves, as in “there’s a part of me which is so critical of myself” and “there’s another part of me that always offers reasons to postpone tiresome tasks.” Some of these parts are childlike, others are managers and protectors. The parts within us participate in ways they believe to be in our best interest. However, most of us have experienced challenges in our lives which have wounded parts of who we are. Sometimes the wounds cause our parts to respond in ways that keep us from achieving the healing and healthy balance we want in our lives.

I also believe that each of us has a core Self, deep within us. Self is in everyone. It can’t be damaged. It knows how to heal.

What I Do

I help people access their Self and, from that core, identify, listen to and find compassion for all of their parts. By helping clients develop better connection and relationship among their parts. I help them build more loving relationships and more meaningful lives, so they can learn thrive and grow their sense of aliveness.

Chris Fitz

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