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If you need adventure, adrenaline, activity and excitement to spark your Spirit, we have retreats for you! As with all our retreats, we begin with Nature immersion. To spark your adventurous Spirit, we have included one or more of the following activities: Skydiving, ziplining in the Redwood trees, mountain biking, or OneWheeling. All of our adventure retreats require a moderate to high level of physical activity. We continuously update our adventure excursions with additional activities as we find those partners. Check out our adventure retreats today.

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Don’t see something that fits your needs? We can work with you to design a private/custom retreat tailored to meet your needs. In addition, we offer the ability to schedule any of our existing retreats as a private event – for individuals, partners, or small groups. Prices vary depending on your needs. This is a great option for trauma release, especially if you’re looking for a more intimate, guided, experience. Contact us today to start designing your Spirit retreat!

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