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Pax Connex Spiritual Retreats

Pax is the latin root for “peace,” while “connex,” embodies connections. The most important connection we can have is the one we have with ourselves. Our true self, is known as Spirit. Without a deep connection with Spirit, there is no way to evolve beyond the surface. If you’ve ever felt stuck, on a never-ending loop, alone in this world, or asked – “is this it?” We want you to know, there is more. Self-exploration is the final frontier. You don’t have to go any further than within.

Our retreat center is cradled by Mother Nature. The Santa Cruz Mountains, the Redwood forest, fresh air and California sun, work together to create an environment that will insulate you from the chaos of today’s hectic lifestyles. We provide the container and the support you need to facilitate the experience your Spirit longs for.

Our specially designed retreats include nature immersion activities, like guided hikes with our resident naturalist, mushroom foraging, or day trips to learn about plants, flora and local wild life. Depending on the retreat you choose, other activities may include adventure excursions like skydiving, zip lining in the Redwood tree tops, mountain biking in amazing nature trails or classes in creativity (like pottery, making clay creatures, painting, drawing, sketching, printing, writing) or somatic movement (such as dance, yoga, tai-chi.). All retreats include some sort of musical integration (no musical background needed!). We greatly encourage journaling, sharing and community. We will introduce you to new ways to establish these practices in your daily life. Join us to begin or continue your Spirit’s journey.


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Connect to Nature: 3 Day Retreat – June 2022

June 3 @ 9:00 am - June 5 @ 5:00 pm

JOIN US, for a... ...specially designed 3-day nature immersion retreat, located in our home base on 5 beautiful acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.  Surrounded by the majestic Redwood forest, this magical oasis will re-introduce you to Mother Earth while re-connecting you to Spirit. Guided hikes in the forest, yoga, meditation,

Yoga Flow & OPEN HOUSE

June 18 @ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

JOIN US, for... YOGAFLOW: 10:30AM - 11:30AM A dynamic practice of postures, breath, and concentration with an emphasis on Functional Anatomy, Bio-Mechanics, and Alignment Principles. Bolsters, blocks, blankets, and straps are used to ensure comfort and alignment. This class is designed to develop a strong foundation of flexibility, strength, and endurance for all

JOIN US, for... Welcome to our free OPEN HOUSE following YOGAFLOW! TIME: 11:30AM - 12:30PM Come see our newly remodeled space & our healing retreat center. .. meet our team, grab some light refreshments, mingle, OM & namaste. It's been a long time in the making. We're so excited to open the doors


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Daisy Nguyễn

I’ve been on a Spiritual Journey of self-discovery my entire life, but never knew it. When I turned 40, things started to change – I began to become more aware of my Spirit. READ MORE

Daisy Nguyễn

Jetta Blaine

It all started through my own healing journey. I have always said that if I ever found a way to heal my mental and physical health, I would share however I did so, with the world. READ MORE

Jetta Blaine

Tom Machado

As a young boy growing up on the beach there was always plenty of time to run on the sand, to swim in the ocean, and to sit on the shore and watch the sets of waves. Time stood still … READ MORE

Tom Machado

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Conversations With Spirit: I have the best job EVER

Sometimes when I meditate, I can have conversations with my Spirit. I have this voice inside my head, that's me, but so much better. There is a me, inside of me, that is so uncomplicated, it's almost maddening. She's wiser, has buckets of courage, funnier, laughs like a child that sees your boogers but won't tell you, patient, direct, mysterious - all this and yet, humble.

The “Flow” State

In the past few years, I have learned how to surf, snowboard, and float on a OneWheel. With all three of these sports, people often say things like, "catch a wave," or "shredding the mountain," or "keep the stoke," which are various ways of saying something we all say, get in "the flow state," or in "the zone." What is this "flow state" or "zone?" Isn't this just colloquial ways of saying "connecting with Spirit?" How do we get there? What prevents us from getting there?

BOOK REVIEW: The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck

I recently listened to Oprah's Super Soul Sunday podcast featuring author, Martha Beck. Oprah interviewed Martha, who was to promoting her newly released book, The Way of Integrity. (Click here for the Spotify podcast) The podcast made me laugh, cry, scream, but mostly, nodding in agreement at so many of the things Martha talks about: truth. Or more specifically, speaking your truth.

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