What does Microdosing Psychedelic Magic Mushrooms Feel Like?

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There’s a lot of information out there about microdosing. However, FEW, talk about their actual experiences. We all know the benefits, we all know that we’re not supposed to feel anything because it’s a microdose. Yet, what does it FEEL like? I’d like to share my own personal experiences with microdosing psilocybin magic mushrooms. If you’d like to learn about the basics, please read this blog post: Basics of Microdosing.

Having been a macrodoser from the beginning, I never understood the desire to microdose. I mean, yes, I understood that my brain is forming new synapses and new thought patterns – that’s all good and dandy. But, NOT  experiencing any of the psychedelic effect? WOW, I couldn’t wrap my head around why anyone would want that!

My first microdosing experience came about very organically. My best friends and I wanted to do an “Anchor The Light,” meditation together. It’s a guided meditation that was being hosted online, but the three of us wanted to do it together, in-person. Faye & Victoria arrived. As we chatted to get caught up about our busy lives, we started setting up our meditation area. Faye, always the instigator, asked – “Hey, should we try microdosing while we meditate?”

All of my previous attempts at meditation had failed miserably. I’d sit down to meditate,- without failure, 1 minute into the meditation, my mind would start fidgeting, a whole laundry list of things that I should be doing instead of sitting around and doing NOTHING would start narrating itself into my brain. Most of my meditations would end with frustration: usually in guided group settings, I’d find myself “waking up” from a meditation, only to look out at all the happy faces – glowing and saying things like ” that was so refreshing!” While I fake-smiled, secretly wished I could just punch them in the face, because, all I felt, -irritation. What was I doing wrong?

“Let’s do it!” I scrambled to get the microdosing capsules, popped 5 of them, the equivalent of 0.5g – the “high end” of the “microdosing” spectrum, then passed the rest around. We sat around for another 30 minutes chatting, waiting for the mediation to begin.

We sat cross-legged, on my couch, next to each other. I was in the middle. The meditation began. As per my usual, as soon as the guide mentioned “clear your mind…” the chattering in my head, began: I forgot this, I should do that, call so-and-so, schedule the vet appointment, my nose would itch, I’d need to move around a bit to find a comfortable position, when something different started to happen:

The volume of the my mind-chatter started to turn WAY down, like someone had turned the volume dial in my head. Then there was QUIET, (BLISS!) – I felt my self comfortably “settling in” to myself – both a physical and mental shift. Next, the occasional meditation bell would chime – in the far away distance somewhere. As I floated on the clear note of the bell, the meditation was ending. The guide was leading us to come back to our bodies. I felt myself wish, for the first time ever, that this meditation could just go on for a little bit longer.

With mush love,