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Join us for a FREE Online Event: Intro to Multiplying Your Manifesting Mojo: Sound Healing +Plant Medicine with Daisy & Riya

Maybe you’ve heard about the power of manifestation or seen a video talking about it. Perhaps you understand the concept but don’t know exactly how to practice this concept to bring your ideas and desires into fruition. Much like beginner musicians, there is a difference between understanding what notes correspond to which keys on the piano or any instrument. However, to play music well? Where do you begin?

Meet Daisy & Riya, your coaches and mentors. We introduce you to combining sound healing + plant medicine to launch you towards success, in a more direct & focused manner. We will then discuss the premise and the mechanics, so that you can better understand how coupling these  practices can multiply your manifesting power.

This is a 90-minute FREE online event. Get ready to take your manifesting mojo to the next level.

DATE: Dec 7th, 2023

TIME: 7:00PM – 8:30PM PST

Space is Limited.


What is Manifestation?

The Power of Sound Healing

How Plant Medicines Multiply

Sound Healing by Riya


Conclusion & Reflections

What to Bring:

  • Questions

  • Curiosity

  • Journal

  • An Open Mind

let’s meet your

host & mentor

let’s meet your

host & mentor

Your Host: Daisy Nguyen

I’ve been on a Spiritual Journey of self-discovery my entire life, but never knew it. When I turned 40, things started to change – I began to become more aware of my Spirit. READ MORE

Your Mentor: Riya Wang

A day after I was born, I was sold and Abandoned by my family.Many of us grow up struggling with a feeling of never being good enough, which leads to self-criticism, fear, stress, and even panic attacks… READ MORE

Space is Limited.

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