Tom Machado


yoga instructor, mobility coach

With an original voice and a natural ability Tom’s teaching centers on insightful perception. Through this insight a clear, thorough understanding into the principles and wisdom of yoga and its direct application to daily life is heightened. Tom masterfully balances accuracy with accessibility, depth with clarity, and intellectual integrity with inspiration.

Tom founded:

AkshayYoga – The Infinite Flow

As a young boy growing up on the beach there was always plenty of time to run on the sand, to swim in the ocean, and to sit on the shore and watch the sets of waves. Time stood still. It all seemed endless. Full of potential. Freedom. The flow.

Life crept forward and those beach days disappeared. I found myself in a career as a Geotechnical Engineer and raising three kids. And chronic back pain. By happenchance, I walked into a yoga studio seeking pain relief. What I discovered was an unexpected and inexhaustible passion for the movement and the desire to transpose the beauty of the practice into daily life. I immersed myself into the practice. In time, the hand of fate had me taking the Seat of the Teacher. Life shifted. Pain dissolved. Doors opened: I began teaching locally, nationally, internationally with a mission to educate, transform, and inspire. And so this mission continues. The flow of postures, breath, and concentration as a foundation for all physical, mental, emotional, spiritual endeavors. The essence is the flow. The Infinite Flow.

By way of breath, AkshayYoga is an authentic method fusing Functional Anatomy, Bio-Mechanics, and Alignment Principles with Classical Yoga. Rooted in the wisdom of knowledge, AkshayYoga in its methodology is concise, logical, and cohesive. Drawn upon the Eight Limbs of Yoga, AkshayYoga establishes an infrastructure for yoga practice as a field of exploration to enhance the process of discovering new pathways of awareness. Organic movement, breath, and concentration become the nucleus for healing and transformation.


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