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connect with your body

We are more than just our thoughts. But, how often have your thoughts run off, leaving your body feeling stressed, anxious and even physically pained? How often have headaches, body aches, and other physical ailments signaled the need for rest, restoration, and reflection? How often have those signals been ignored? When we ignore the signs that our bodies are taking a beating from our thoughts running amuck – this causes disconnection from the body.

Most of our retreats include somatic movement to reconnect your body and re-align the body to the mind and the Spirit. This trifecta of connection from mind to body to Spirit creates that feeling of oneness, wholeness and integrity, that we all long for. Somatic movements within our retreats may include simple activities like hiking, yoga, ecstatic dance, tai chi. No prior experience is required and only moderate physical fitness. Not only do these kinds of movements spark joy, it is a way for us to create energy and awareness in our bodies and of our bodies. We couple these activities with meditation to create  presence, attention and appreciation of our bodies. Through this approach, we aim to reconnect the body.

For some folks, somatic movement is the spark of joy that leads directly to the Spirit. People with a high physical need, like dancers, athletes, bicyclists, etc – need the energy of physical movement to “get into the flow,” – this is where they have the easiest access to Spirit. For those individuals, please make sure to also check out our “adventure” retreats.

The majority of our retreats that are centered around light physical activity. If you are looking for a higher level of physical activity, check out our adventure retreats.

Our home base is on 5 acres of redwood forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains. All of our somatic movement activities will immerse you in Nature, while quiet, the calm, the stillness here will allow you to begin to reintegrate the mind, body, Spirit connection your true self has been waiting for.

Let Mother Nature cradle you, we will work with somatic movements that energize your body so that you can spark your Spirit and dive into the journey within.

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