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Check out our upcoming events, including special events, classes, workshops and retreats. Don’t see something that works for you? We can work with you to design a private/custom retreat, workshop, class or event, for individuals, partners and small groups.

NOTE: Events are defined as 1-3 hour occasions that may or may not have educational or experiential value.

NOTE: Classes are defined as 1-2 hour learning opportunities. They’re short & sweet.

NOTE: Workshops are defined as 2-6 hour educational learning opportunities. They’re a meatier, more densely packed experience that provides more time for practice.

NOTE: Retreats are defined as a full day or multi-day immersion experiences that activate your Spirit over a longer course.


Write on Purpose, A Retreat for Writers

April 26 @ 4:00 pm - April 28 @ 2:00 pm

past events

Check out a sampling of our past events. Like something that we’ve done in the past, and want to express interest? Have an idea on a new retreat 0r want to partner with us? We look for feedback from our existing and potential clients to design our programming.

CONTACT US to express interest in a past event, to help us gauge interest for future events, or if you have a collaboration idea, or for partnership opportunities, or anything else your heart desires.

we also offer

private/custom retreats, workshops and events

Don’t see something that fits your needs? We can work with you to design a private/custom retreat, workshop or event – tailored to meet your needs. In addition, we offer the ability to schedule any of our existing retreats as a private event – for individuals, partners, or small groups. Prices vary depending on your needs. This is a great option for trauma release, especially if you’re looking for a more intimate, guided, experience. Contact us today to start designing your Spirit retreat, workshop or event!

  • collaborative design: your vision, our expertise

  • choice of various modalities to spark your Spirit

  • private

  • intimate

to start designing your custom/private retreat/workshop/event

we offer several retreat tracks

each track sparks spirit in different ways

Our retreats start with nature immersion, the cornerstone of our Spirit journey philosophy. Off the beaten path not far from the city, in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California, in a Redwood forest, Mother Nature cradles our retreat center to insulate you from all the noise and busy-ness that plagues our lives today. Next, we include nature-centric activities, like guided hikes in nature, mushroom foraging, or day trips to environmental centers to learn about plants, flora and local wild life. Depending on the retreat you choose, other activities may include adventure excursions like skydiving, zip lining in the Redwood tree tops, mountain biking in the nearby amazing nature trails or creative classes (like pottery, making clay creatures, painting, drawing, sketching, printing, writing). Most retreats will include somatic movement sessions, like dance, yoga, and tai-chi. All retreats will include some sort of musical integration (no musical background needed!). To jumpstart or leapfrog your Spirit journey, we will teach you about the various available and how it can spark your Spirit. We create the container, provide the experiences to make your heart sing, then you choose how to leap, from there. We believe in a well-rounded, many-pronged approach in sparking and reconnecting to Spirit. We greatly encourage journaling, sharing and community – we will introduce you to new ways to establish those practices into your daily life. Join us to begin or continue your Spirit journey.

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