Wellness Partners

Riya Wang

A day after I was born, I was sold and Abandoned by my family.Many of us grow up struggling with a feeling of never being good enough, which leads to self-criticism, fear, stress, and even panic attacks … READ MORE

Chris Fitz

I began my co-counseling work with the Breakthrough Men’s Community in 2013. There I became a Leadership Team Member, a Workshop Presenter and the Executive Director of the nonprofit … READ MORE

Tom Machado

As a young boy growing up on the beach there was always plenty of time to run on the sand, to swim in the ocean, and to sit on the shore and watch the sets of waves … READ MORE

Edward Wiley

The first thirty-six years of my life, I spent feeling incredibly shy, socially awkward and totally disconnected from myself and others, despite a successful software programmer… READ MORE

Akara Campbell

I value being at home in the world. And sharing that sensation with others. I was 17 when my parents started their 10 year battle in court before getting divorced. My immediate response was to hop on a plane to Uganda…READ MORE

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Become a Wellness Partner

Love what you see and want to collaborate? I built this retreat center with the intention to be a place of transformation and growth, a place to quiet the mind and activate the Spirit. But, I can’t do it alone. Do you practice a healing, wellness, movement or creativity modality that could be a vehicle for inner journey, inner growth or inner healing? Perhaps you have a gift that you’d like to share with the world? Perhaps you’re trained in a modality but don’t have a place to practice or teach? We collect feedback from our attendees – there is a lot of interest for continued opportunities for growth, healing and community. Let’s build it together! If you have something that would work as a stand-alone retreat, event or workshop, OR if you provide a service that could greatly benefit our current offerings, OR if you have something special to offer but don’t know if there’s interest, why not have a conversation with me, check out the retreat center, and see what’s possible. Contact me today, I’d love to hear from you, swap stories and see what we can build together.

Because life is meant to be shared,

Daisy Nguyễn 

PS – we are always looking to partner with yoga teachers, healers, meditation guides, mindfulness coaches, artists (of all kinds), musicians, performers, dancers, tai-chi. Please contact me!